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Whitmer vows to continue being the worst

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

When the Supreme Court of your state decides what you are doing is unconstitutional, most people would quit doing that thing. Not Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. When the court tells Whitmer she is doing something illegal she goes out and vows to keep doing it, and keep doing more of it. She may be ruining small businesses in her state permanently and costing thousands of people their jobs, sobriety and sanity, but that’s ok, because she promises to keep doing it for as long as she feels it is necessary. Whitmer shared this with her constituents earlier today,

“Here’s the deal, I love everyone so much, and care about everyone so much, that I’m going to continue breaking the law and making everyone do whatever I say, indefinitely. If you are a decent person you should have no problem complying with anything I tell you to do. You’re welcome.”

Michigan has been one of the most extreme states in regards to the lock downs. Whitmer turned into a dictatress the minute she had a chance. Sometimes it seems like politicians are just waiting for a disaster, just so they can grab more power. No, that sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory and unless something is blatantly obvious on its surface, we don’t believe it. A sad man who claimed to live in Michigan shared this in a tone I didn’t really care for at all,

“We can be safe, and responsible. We just want to go back to work. We want to feed our families. You say listen to the science, so we do, but you don’t. This is all arbitrary, fear-mongering, power-grabbing political b.s.”

Sounds like politics as usual from here sir.

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