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What's in your wallet? Capitol One signs Newsom

Governors are becoming tyrants and democrat voters don’t seem to be noticing. They keep saying that cases are spiking, which is inevitable, and that it’s your fault for not wearing a mask. They haven’t noticed that everyone is wearing a mask, and the people not wearing masks couldn’t possibly be spreading it that much. If you think the only reason Covid is still a problem is because of some people not wearing masks, you shouldn’t be reading this, you aren’t capable. The prettiest petty tyrant of them all, Beautiful Idiot Gavin Newsom, has signed an endorsement deal with Capitol One whose catchphrase “What’s in your wallet?” fits in perfectly with the governing style of Newsom. Newsom heard the phrase and loved it but decided to add just two words to the beginning. The new catchphrase is “Give me what’s in your wallet.” It’s no longer a question and he isn’t joking. Especially if you run a small business or enjoy not starving to death and whatnot. Newsom shared this, I think, I get lost in his eyes sometimes when he talks,

“To save lives you need to sacrifice. You need to be willing to help others. You need to give me all your money so I can solve all of your problems. You may ask why I didn’t solve ANY of them before now. Because you didn’t give me all of your money that’s why. It’s your fault. Don’t break eye contact, this spell can be fragile. Hey, psstttt…. give me your money…)”

I gave him everything I had but it wasn’t enough. He said we still needed to shut down every small business in California so only Google, Amazon and Wal-Mart survive the lock downs. After that it’s easy to control what everyone sees and buys and how they spend their time. They can either shop at Amazon or they can enjoy their free time at home, in their house, alone, wearing a mask, not seeing any family or working or having any purpose whatsoever. Haha, I hope you don’t suffer from depression or ANY kind of addiction lol! Cuz if you do, you might die what is called a “death of despair” something that happened so often in the Obama administration that life expectancy in the U.S. dropped in spite of every modern medicine miracle that constantly pushes life expectancy the other way. Someone who doesn’t realize that the lock downs are authoritarian and unconstitutional anti-scientific trash tweeted this today,

“Just wear the damn mask. The government just wants what is best for us.”

Since when?

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