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Wall Street's games stopped by Game Stop

After two days of back breaking research I have discovered that Wall Street is more than just an Oliver Stone movie. It turns out that Wall Street is TWO Oliver Stone movies because he did a remake with Shia Labouef, which is the name of an actor and not the French term for ‘Chia Pet’ as we had previously assumed. After watching these two movies I realized that those stock broker clowns are basically just talking people out of their money and gambling with it. The whole thing seems shady to me and I for one hope someone stands up to them. Someone who knows more than I do shared this in what I hope wasn’t a sarcastic voicemail,

“You know Wall Street is more than just a couple of movies. You have to. Please tell me you know that... Right now a bunch of people who love video games and hate rich people are crashing their world and the elites are panicking. It turns out ‘We the people’ aren’t really allowed to have a voice after all.”

That guy should really watch the movie Wall Street. I think he’d enjoy it since he knows so much stuff about it. In doing even more research I have now learned that there was a wolf on Wall Street one time, which is just, like, even scarier than a pandemic that gets better or worse depending on who the media wants in office. The longer these lockdowns go on the more obvious it is that the government and Wall Street and corporate America and Hollywood and all of our media is just one big, fat, ugly, disgusting blob of corruption and rot and filth far worse than any of us want to admit. An expert on fat disgusting blobs shared this with me even though I begged him not to,

“The bigger it gets, the bigger it gets, the bigger it gets. This thing is far too big to stop without dissolving everything and starting over. Good luck.”

Oh yeah I think Game Stop was also in the news.

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