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Veterans of Portland War(VPW) erect Naked Athena Statue

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

In a touching gesture today the veterans of the battle of Portland, rumored to be AntiFa generals, paid tribute to their protector, the infamous Naked Athena. The war vets raised enough money from their parents to pay for a statue of her to be built in the center of the courthouse entrance. The statue will be 50 feet tall and will commemorate the historic moment when the masked woman sat down naked in the street and gave the local police force the full front spread. An AntiFa lieutenant screamed this at me while lobbing projectiles at anyone representing any kind of authority,

“Naked Athena is amazing, we all want to marry her. I mean be her partner. I mean we all want her to have whatever she wants, we don’t want to assume her gender or the gender roles in our future relationship. She deserves a statue. She deserves everything. That’s the first time I've ever seen a naked woman, and let me just tell you, I liked it. We need to preserve that moment for eternity.”

Many have criticized her for making the protests all about herself and taking the attention away from the cause of protecting black lives. This comes as no surprise since that is what all of the peaceful riots and mayhem in Portland have been about, rich white kids wanting to play revolution. Journalists love it because it makes them feel like they were in on something historic happening. Entertainers and elites love it because it makes them feel like they are doing something good and they are safe from the actual violence being inflicted on poor communities. It’s one of the more sickening things currently taking place. A spokesman for sickening phenomena had this to say regarding the ruling elite,

“They don’t know what’s happening. They really have no idea what is actually going on, the language is so controlled, they truly believe everything happening is a peaceful protest. It’s laughable but they are that insulated. They have no idea. Complete fools. Absolute tools.”

Foolish tools indeed.

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