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  • TJ Shaver

Vaccine Shhhmaccine

Nope. in the words of Dana Carvery imitating George Bush, “Not gonna do it.” I don’t want the vaccine. I don’t need it. I’m sure I already had the virus. If it’s as contagious as they say then I definitely have. I’ll take the risk. If you don’t want to, stay at home or whatever, I don’t care, this is getting so silly I’m about to stop pretending to care about any of it. So now they are saying you have to get vaccinated to participate in society. No. You need it to travel. Don’t care. You need it to go to events. I. DON’T. CARE. 'Am I an anti-vaxxer?' You may be asking yourself, especially if you are terrified of the virus that just won’t die and doesn’t really make anyone die unless they’ve already knocked on death’s door and now they’re ringing the doorbell & kicking & pounding on the door at the same time so hard it looks like all 4 limbs are swinging and making contact simultaneously. I don’t know what I am vaxxer wise, vaccines are weird but some of them seem to do a lot of good. This one might be good. It might be necessary. It might save my life. I don't care. I won’t do it no matter what. You know why? Because the state is telling me I have to do it. That’s as far as I think anything ever needs to be defended. If the state tells me to inject myself with stuff they can’t even understand, or inject myself with anything, I say no. On principle. Which means I won’t do it. And you shouldn’t either.

Everything is fine. Joe Biden thinks Americans have all been inside for a year. He believes it because he has been inside for a year. He isn’t allowed out. He’s on the verge of death. He is so old, and weak, and frail, and fragile, and ancient, and decrepit, and dying, that voting for this man to work himself to literal death was elder abuse and you should be locked in jail for at least as long as Joe Biden survives in what is essentially his coffin AKA the White House. I don’t care who gets the vaccine or who makes a song telling me it’s cool, I’m going to Just Say No, because I don’t want to, I don’t need to, and because the state told me I have to, and if you argue with that then you are pro totalitarianism and authoritarianism and all the bad ‘’isms” that result in mass murder, misery and starvation. In other words, VACCINE SHHMACCINE. Your'e welcome.

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