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Tyrants & experts already eye-balling Hanukkah

The tyrants and experts are actually talking more about cancelling Christmas than Hanukkah, but anytime I can point out that Andrew Cuomo hates Jews, I do it. I mainly do it because Andrew Cuomo hates Jews, but also because he killed thousands of old people and won an Emmy for it. Bless your hearts Hollywood, you filthy cesspool bursting at the seams with pedophiles, pederasts and perverts of all stripes. Anyway, the experts who run our lives have decided Thanksgiving was basically a holocaust and therefore Christmas is out of the question. A man referred to as an expert by people who don't know any better shared this in a vaguely hostile memo taped to my windshield,

"There is no war on Xmas. That's absurd. But you can't celebrate Xmas okay? And no, I won't say the whole word, I call it Xmas, cuz that other word is too religious sounding. Point being, there is no war on Xmas, but you can't ever have one again, if you love your family, don't see them, even if they are going to die soon. Just trust me, I'm an expert."

The experts have said enough. Stop listening to them. They've told us all they know, and it isn't enough to justify any of the things they are doing. If you meet an actual expert, like your own personal doctor, listen to that guy. If you see an expert on tv, assume that is not an expert, or that it's a hand picked expert chosen to further someone's narrative, the narrative of someone that you don't know and who doesn't know you or know what's best for you or even necessarily want what's best for you. They don't need nefarious motives to destroy your business and your life. This is what Americans should be saying right now,

"I don't care what the experts say, my family has to eat."

Amen and Onward.

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