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Trump's Peace Prize will be bigger, better than Obama's

Donald Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and the reactions have been predictable. It hurts the brains of democrats to think that Trump could win any kind of award, if he won a raffle they’d scream collusion and move to impeach. In spite of their best efforts however he has achieved a historic peace deal in the Middle East that could lead to even more peace in the future. I remember even saying the term “Peace in the Middle East” used to be a punchline or a reference to something unattainable. Trump helped make it happen so suddenly it isn’t even worth noting.

Like it or not Donald Trump is the only modern President not to get us involved in a new war. Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize before he even had a chance to earn it and even he admitted it. He then went on to do things as President that make it viciously ironic that he was even nominated in the first place. When Trump was elected two of the biggest concerns were North Korea and ISIS. They are no longer seen as threats because this administration handled them properly. Terrorists need to be killed and unless you want to go to war sometimes you have to pretend to like a dictator. The world is an ugly place, get over it. Donald Trump hasn’t said this yet but I can’t wait until he does,

“My Peace Prize will be the greatest Peace Prize ever. Obama got one, for no reason, but I earned mine and it will be bigger, better, more peaceful than Obama could ever get. When you think about it, frankly, I deserve it and everyone knows it, they all say it, and it’s tremendous, these are great people, tremendous people who are saying it, and I would never say it, but I do deserve it. I’ve not said it before and I’ll not say it again, I deserve to win.”

Yes he does. If you don’t think so that means you don’t want peace in the Middle East, you love ISIS, and you hope Kim Jong Un wakes up from his coma or death or whatever and starts blasting the entire world with nuclear weapons. I bet you feel like a real jerk now.

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