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  • TJ Shaver

Trump haters are professional perverts & pedos

The Lincoln Project, a group formed by fake Republicans to scam ignorant democrat donors out of real money, turned out to be a bunch of perverts. The alleged project was founded for the sole purpose of opposing Donald Trump. At least that's what they claimed. It was actually founded so a bunch of perverts could use democrat money for what it's always used for which is helping wealthy whites be sexual predators. John Weaver, founder and professional pervert, had this to say in his defense,

“Everybody has known for years about my perversions, I don’t see why it matters now. You could have called me out anytime in the past 4 years, why does it suddenly matter now that Trump is gone? It’s almost as if you were willing to use any tool at hand to get rid of Trump, including me.”

That perverted tool is right, he should have been called out and kicked out of polite society years ago along with the rest of the sexually deviant creeps, pedophiles, philanderers and rapists that make up the swamp that we call our political system. It should also be noted that the democrats and the entire media will ignore rape and pedophilia as long as it’s beneficial to them, and are only willing to expose it if it is no longer useful to them AND the deviants in question aren’t democrats. Every democrat has this to say about rape and pedophilia,

“When we voted against Trump we voted to put Bill Clinton back in the White House, which means in the most generous light we are rape and pedophilia apologists. Same goes for voting for Joe Biden.”

At least they admit it.

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