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  • TJ Shaver

TRUMP 2024: Cuz Everyone Else Sucks

Former Home Alone 2 star and President Donald Trump gave his first speech since the last time he gave a speech and the media was the happiest they've been since the last time he gave a speech. They were so excited they didn’t shut up about it for days and then when it was happening they kept cutting away from it because he wasn’t saying anything that was untrue or crazy or hateful or any of the things they always accuse him of being. They’ll show parts of it later after they’ve cut it up and doctored it more than Nancy Pelosi’s face, the joke being that she has had so much plastic surgery that she looks like a miserable skeleton coming down from a coke binge and desperately needing a nip off that bottle she keeps hidden in her clavicle. Donald Trump, a former President, gave his speech and it was fine. Everything was fine. He didn’t inspire hate or riots or an insurrection, because he’s never done that. He talked about loving America and the media being manipulative liars with an Anti-America agenda just like he always has, and it was true, just like it always has been. He says America First and Joe Biden says we have to do away with that and I really do wonder where we are allowed to be on our own list of priorities. Can we be second? Can we at least be in the top 5? Joe doesn’t know, Joe doesn’t know anything. He said executive orders are ruling like a dictator and then came in and shattered the record for most executive orders within the first week, which according to his own standards makes him the most dictatorial dictator to ever dictate. Kamala Harris is a power-hungry buffoon and narcissistic chucklehead and there isn’t much more to say about her other than I pray she never becomes President. Things are changing so fast that people still haven’t realized that nothing happening is normal and we are never going back to normal, the authoritarians have authority and they aren’t letting it go, the establishment is established and they will make sure they never lose again. The Republican Party is weak and ineffectual at best and deceitful and complicit at worst, but either way the best they have done for the past 60 years is maybe slightly slow the steepening descent into the hell of one-party leftist rule that happens when a society loses touch with reality and refuses to know the Truth. It seems this party is coming to a rapid end either way and it's going to get ugly no matter what so I say we go down laughing, fighting, and Making America Great Again Again. Trump 2024

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