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Trudeau:Covid is opportunity for communism

They should have known he was too good looking to be worth much of a damn. Justin Trudeau, former snowboard instructor and lifelong blackface enthusiast, said the quiet part out loud yesterday when he talked about the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” which is when rich people from all over the world get together and talk about how we need to implement communism everywhere. I promise you all those rich guys don't do it because they are super altruistic and want to save the children and the planet. The untouchable rich are fine under any system but under communism everyone below them gets murdered or becomes dirt poor and then gets murdered. Trudeau, wearing his natural skin tone instead of his usual heavy blackface, had this to say,

“We need to re-imagine global problems like hunger. We will have the government make all the bread and then citizens can stand in line and get their fair share of bread, a totally new concept that has never been tried and will totally work. With this virus, we know what to do, follow Science, perform the rituals, recite the scriptures. Also, climate change. If you give us enough money, make enough sacrifices, give up entire industries integral to your economy, and just trust us and follow the science, we will stop the big mean climate from murdering you and your kids. You are welcome. Follow Science, Amen.”

It’s been no secret that the Great Reset is a global plan to implement socialism. It’s been on the website of the World Economic Forum for months. That doesn’t stop the media from screaming conspiracy theory when you bring it up. Justin Trudeau may be an idiot and he might wear blackface every other day, but he didn’t make a mistake. He said what he plans on doing. The virus may be real, the reaction is not. The Great Reset is real, the reasons for it are not. Whatever happened before, right now there is a virus and global leaders and heads of state and all the way down to local politicians are taking advantage of it to seize as much power as they can, while they can. Trudeau called the virus an “oppurtunity.” Democrats have said for years “never let a crisis go to waste.” Trudeau shared this after the interview,

“Want to stick around and watch me put on my blackface?”

I declined his offer.

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