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Toobin proves he loves himself the most

The elites in the media and academia have always loved themselves far too much. They are arrogant, godless, sociopaths hellbent on destroying the country that has given them the privilege of being awful and getting rewarded for it. CNN analyst and self-love guru Jeffrey Toobin recently proved how much he loved himself while in a Zoom meeting with his colleagues. Toobin did what I assume almost every “journalist” has been doing for the past four years. He stopped working and started pleasuring himself. One of his colleagues had this to say after the tears stopped coming out in a projectile fashion,

“It was awful. It was the most hideous sight I’ve ever seen. It was like looking in a mirror. I finally saw how disgusting and arrogant and solipsistic we have become. We’re so self serving that we don’t even check the camera before we start pleasuring ourselves. This is a perfect metaphor for how the media has covered this administration.”

I don’t think she knows what a metaphor is, but that’s ok, no one does. Some critics are saying Toobin should be fired instead of suspended while others say he should be arrested. What he did was technically some kind of sexual assault against someone. I have strongly urged Toobin to file a restraining order against himself because his love for himself seems to be the all-consuming kind that leads to stalking and eventually someone getting hurt. Toobin said this in a tone that didn’t match someone who just got caught doing what he did,

“Listen pal, everybody does it, get over it. I didn’t know the camera was on. If I did I would have gotten a better camera angle and some better lighting the way I do when I actually sexually assault people. The image they saw was not flattering to me at all and that’s all the proof you need that I didn’t do it on purpose.”

He might be a sick, disgusting, self-loving pervert, but he does have a point.

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