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Thought Police wage "War on thoughts"

I thought Big Brother and the Thought Police were going to be something that came out of the N.S.A. or the F.B.I. or the C.I.A. or some other acronym that meant “Government overreach.” When Donald Trump got elected that plan was thrown out the window and Big Tech stepped in to be the Big Brother we so desperately need to watch our every move, monitor our every thought, and censor anything we say that isn’t ok with the party. In the past week Merriam-Webster and Wikipedia both changed the definitions of entries on their site in order to support something a democrat said. It seems the Ministry of Truth is working overtime to push this country towards the authoritarianism it claims to be fighting against. A member of the Thought Police told me this earlier today,

“We’re the good guys here. We just want everyone to express themselves freely, unless it contradicts the “facts.” Who decides what a fact is? The fact checkers. Who are the fact checkers? Us! Who are we? An army of far left radicals who have power for the first time in our lives, and not just a little bit of power. We control information more than anyone in human history. We aren’t letting this go.”

Social media has been censoring conservatives for years. Twitter employees have been heard in recordings talking about how Donald Trump being elected was a disaster they can never let happen again. The recent blacking out of any story involving Hunter Biden has made it obvious that they are all in for Joe Biden and are willing to openly cheat in order to help elect the senile former lifeguard. If Biden wins there will not even be an effort to curb their unprecedented power and anyone fond of rational thinking or logic or common sense or anything less than grotesque willful ignorance should get used to thinking the way the party tells them to think. A former thinker was overheard whimpering this,

“2+2=5. A man can be a woman. Ignoring race is racist. Keeping your money is greedy. Stealing money from others is generosity. Killing babies is a positive good and is compassionate. Speech is violence. Silence is violence. Rioting and looting are not violence. Murdering someone over a political opinion is not violence if you are on the side of the party. 2+2=5….”

George Orwell called this “doublethink” and “doublespeak” and I couldn't possibly improve upon that.

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