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  • TJ Shaver

This Circus SUCKS

Clowns are meant to be laughed at, but these clowns ain’t laughing. These clowns are vindictive and insidious and they just keep stealing our money and they aren’t even putting on a good show. The supposed ringleader of this clown show, a former lifeguard, doesn’t even come out and perform, he doesn’t answer questions or explain anything, he just hides in his basement where they must have hidden the elephants because I don’t see them anymore either. There should at least be juggling. Jen Psaki doesn’t even pretend to have the answers to questions, she just promises to circle back and never does, probably because they are doing everything they said they hated about the Trump administration, doing it and doing a worse job of it but they are talking about it nicer so it makes it better even though they are doing the things they said made Trump an evil authoritarian, only they are doing it more so I guess that makes them… Clowns. It makes them clowns, everything they do makes them clowns because they do it right in your face and tell you they aren’t and if you point out what they are doing right in front of your face they call you crazy and take away your right to speak and tell everyone you are a crazy person and you’re left wondering when the hell it became illegal to say true things and the only thing you’re left thinking is,

“My God. This circus sucks!”

You aren’t wrong when you say this and that is enough to get you censored, banned, cancelled, de-platformed, etc. All the newspeak words that are just part of the lexicon now that dictatorial clowns have taken over the country and instituted clown law and clown rule and clown speak and if you don’t adopt the clown language and the clown customs you get thrown out of the clown tent and as soon as your clown ass hits the clown ground and your eyes are opened you realize you needed to get out of there anyway because you’d been blinded by so much bullshit and pandering and narrative nonsense that you thought that this charade was just life. The narrative isn’t life, the narrative is nonsense, it is a carefully constructed lie put in place by clowns so that they can keep being clowns while you stay passive and entertained and stupid and docile, just enjoying the circus and eating your cotton candy and not asking questions, and come to think of it give back that cotton candy, put your mask back on, and do whatever they say because even though they are clowns, these clowns ain’t playing around and this circus that sucks, is their circus. For now.

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