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Thinking for yourself = Terrorism

Everything is getting exponentially more idiotic on what feels like an hourly basis. The world is ending and the most surprising part is that it is booooringgggg. I’m tired of all the ‘stories’ and the ‘journalists’ who ‘report’ them on the ‘news’ every ‘night’. The script is tired and needs to be changed or at least updated or punched up a little. Unfortunately if you don’t listen to these tiresome bores you will be censored and silenced and if you don’t lie down and comply, you will eventually be labelled a domestic terrorist. I just thought the apocalypse was going to be more fun than this. An expert on anticlimactic world events uttered these gems of wisdom to me in a barely audible whisper in a stifling hot car in a Wendy’s parking lot,

“This is how the world ends, not with a bang, but a whisper. I mean whimper."

Ok, that was no expert, that was Joe Biden. The blatant plagiarism is always the dead giveaway.

What might be the scariest part of our collective impending doom is how normal and resigned everyone seems to it. The entire media has already gone back to the snooze mode they were in for the entire Obama administration and the few journalists who are still pretending to work are wearing their knee pads like the dutiful useful idiots they are, just waiting to be told what to lie about and who to spew it towards. The fight may have gotten boring because they think it’s over, but hopefully that just means they are in a prevent defense and as my Dad always said about a prevent defense,

“The only thing it prevents is a win.”

Amen Dad. Amen and onward.

Don’t hit snooze, don’t get lazy, don’t be manipulated. The fight that matters isn’t over because it is never over until the Big Guy, and I don’t mean Joe Biden, decides that it’s over.

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