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Theoretical jobs fail to pay literal bills

While Joe Biden was busy day dreaming about his glory days sitting by the pool having children rub his legs, the people whose jobs he eliminated were struggling to pay their bills. It's ok though, because our hero Joe Biden promised them green jobs that will pay better and get this, they will also save the planet. That's right, you might lose your job but it's only to get a better job and also be the biggest heroes in the history of the world. Unfortunately for everyone who now has a theoretical green job, landlords and grocery stores and gas stations and every business that exists are refusing to accept hypothetical future money in exchange for their services. An expert on fake money known as "The Monopoly Man" shared this earlier today,

"At least I give you something to hold. It's fake but at least it's tangible. This bozo has given people nothing. He's the worst."

This little paper pusher is correct, Joe Biden is the worst and he keeps getting worse every day. Every day there is a new executive order or "plan" and each one is more radical than the last. Press Secretary Jen Psaki only allows one question a day that is even slightly more harsh than a gentle breeze and she fails miserably every time. When asked when the people Biden put out of work can get their green jobs she tried to make the reporter look stupid, then she tried to avoid the question, then she said that Joe Biden has a plan to have a plan. An actual man with an actual plan said this with a British accent after hearing about Joe Biden's "plan to have a plan",

"Plan? You don't have a plan!"

Joe Biden is a former lifeguard.

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