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The world is mostly peacefully on fire

You know what it is. The same old shit. I did this all last year. If the democrats like it, it’s mostly peaceful. Even when it isn’t. Even when it’s violent. Even when it’s murder. When a democrat commits a mass shooting in the name of democrat policies inflamed by democrat rhetoric, it’s the fault of a gun and every Republican especially needs to give up their constitutional right to defend their life. It’s all silly and tired and if you can’t see through it yet you probably won’t. If you can’t see through it yet you probably can’t see much of anything. You might even be an idiot. It’s ok though. I mean it’s not ok, your life will probably suck and you may well end up burning in hell for all of eternity but bless your ignorant heart, I’m here to help anyway. When you see a city burning to the ground and the news tells you it’s mostly peaceful, you don’t have to understand the nuance or the political stakes or who did what or why. Just know that when there is rioting and looting and fires and assaults and murders, the term mostly peaceful becomes at best a mis-framing and is in actuality just a blatant lie intended to keep people terrified and keep everything closed and keep everyone at home so the government can grow and gain power and the few corporations that run the world can grow and gain power, and eventually the two will become one and take over the world and life will be a bad movie about the future where you think

“What kind of idiots let this happen?”

except now we’re like

“Oh. This type of idiot. The type of idiot that is absolutely everywhere all the time and got Joe Biden, an idiot, ‘elected’ and are now sitting blind, deaf and dumb while America dies a horrific death.”

So if you are reading this and you’re still wondering what I’m talking about and what idiots am I talking about, then you are definitely that idiot and I ask you today to please, seek help. Read a thing. Watch a video. Learn one thing, one time. I know you have to take it slow, you should be used to it though. If you ever wake up and are able to see the truth in anything, we’ll be here waiting for you. I can’t promise I won’t call you an idiot though.

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