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The sweet science of lying and dying

I’m not going to do the whole “do you remember?” thing again because it’s already wearing thin and Joe Pool hasn’t even been in office for 100 days. I’d like to see what the odds are on him even making it to 100 days. Anyway, OBVIOUSLY, everyone remembers that Trump got blamed for every death caused by you know, the thing, the one that definitely DIDN’T come from China, the virus that certainly DIDN’T start in Wuhan, the “pandemic” that without a doubt DIDN’T start in a Chinese wet market or a Chinese lab in Wuhan that was studying the coronavirus. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Trump lied about… something? I guess, I remember Fauci lying about masks and admitting it and Cuomo lying about his own mass murder spree where your own grandmother died 15,000 times, if they were lucky enough to not get beat to death by the criminally insane teenagers also being held unsupervised in the same facility. Fauci lied about the masks and then admitted it, so if I am to follow the logic of someone who says “Trump lied, people died” because they are weasels who can’t think past what the state and the corporate media tells them to think, then Fauci told people not to wear masks. He said not to. For whatever reason. For whatever reason, good or bad, he lied on purpose, and while time passed, the virus spread, and according to Fauci & weasels, ANY spread is catastrophic and causes massive death, so follow me here, Fauci lied… Time passed… Virus spread… People died… but it’s ok. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because… it doesn’t matter because, um, Trump… Trump did bad thing? By NOT using the federal government to override the states and force unconstitutional mandates? You called him an authoritarian when he was the only President to not expand the federal government during a s0-called national emergency and he protected states rights more than any President I've ever seen, but your complaint is that he didn't use the federal government to seize more power and control and start dictating what Americans could and couldn't do?

Everyone is biased and it’s hard not to get mad at your opponents for something and then defend your own candidate for the same thing, but this is silly, and as I’ve learned recently, silly is where I draw the line. I’ll die on this silly hill, gladly, before I ever partake in mandated silliness. Saying it’s ok to lie because Fauci says “science” and was a doctor before vaccines were invented, is childish and lazy and ignorant. Trusting the “experts” to tell you what to do and how to do it and when to do it is also childish and lazy and is also how dictators rise to power and authoritarian governments strip away people’s rights, it’s always for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones. Do you think the bad guys are going to tell you they are the bad guys? Do you think they don’t have a plan, maybe some talking points, maybe they'll try to convince people that they are actually the GOOD guys and it’s the OTHER side that are the really BAD guys? Nahhh, that’s crazy, the Government would never grow and it would never try to overreach in any way and no one who has ever worked in government has ever only looked out for their own best interests and the government couldn’t possibly be corrupt in any way. The government definitely, always, unconditionally loves and wants what is best for you, each and every one of you…

So if you want science to be God, understand that science runs through the political system, so you are using humans to interpret Science’s latest literature the best they can and relay it to us so they can save us all. So, nothing will go wrong, every scientist agrees with every other scientist on everything all the time, and what we know about our world never changes, they have never been wrong about one thing, and when you add the filter of modern American politics, this is a recipe for no possible corruption, only perfect government merging with perfect permanent science to become PERFECT GOD. Good luck.

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