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  • TJ Shaver

The stupidest idiots of all time

These people must be retarded. First of all, they keep making us pretend that Joe Biden is ok when It’s blatantly obvious to everyone with a shred of honesty that he is no longer a functional human being let alone a functioning former lifeguard. I mean president. He doesn’t actually do anything, he even admits “they” won’t let me say this, or “they” told me which reporter I can call on and which questions I can answer. He keeps saying the quiet part out loud and they want us to ignore it every time. Besides that, America is no longer energy independent because this administration ended it on purpose to appease the psychopaths who make up most of the democrat party and believe the sun monster is about to kill us all, which means the world gets to go back to the endless wars that democrats love so much. Inflation is so bad I can’t decide if it sucks or blows, the border is a complete disaster and this administration has no answer for any of it, or anything else for that matter, but they don’t need to because they have “nicer” rhetoric and love in their hearts instead of hate like that big bad meanie Donald Trump. Now that he’s gone it’s safe to admit that we can’t let every person in the world cross the border and that we actually need to turn a lot of them away because guess what? Apparently there are limits to space and resources and taxpayer money and patience. Lol, jk. There are no limits to anything when you can just print money willy nilly with no thought of ever answering to anyone or paying off any debt or not burdening your children with a future where they are owned by the Chinese Communist party. Jobs are going unfilled because the government is paying people to stay home and they’re still pretending it’s because of their fake pandemic from 2 years ago and not because they’ve instituted universal basic income under the guise of stimulus checks for a fake pandemic they invented so that they could do things like institute universal basic income and make you stay at home and get fat while a disease that only kills the fat and elderly wipes out parts of the population the governments were tired of taking care of anyway. The media sucks so bad they don’t even ask Biden questions and when they do he can’t answer them but they don’t care because he has nothing to do with anything. Kamala Harris still sucks, really bad, at everything. 100% unlikable and charm free. It’s not surprising that her family owned slaves. Recently. Like, a few years ago. Look it up. It’s all a charade and it’s gotten so boring and tedious that it’s hard to even make fun of anymore. Everyone in the media and political world has become so masturbatory and self-parodic they look like Jeffrey Toobin on a chardonnay bender. It’s not easy, but someone has to do it, so buckle up b-words because we are back and the whole world is low hanging fruit and we’re fishing for that fruit with dynamite in a barrel. You're welcome.

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