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Teachers Union demands free unicorn rides

Some states are starting to open back up and people are starting to live life again which is making the media and the politicians and the sacred experts throw an absolute fit. Dr. Fauci says if everyone gets vaccinated and keeps following the new rules he decided on, that maybe, possibly, by the end of the year, we might be able to return to “elements of normality.” Fortunately I speak fluent ass-bag so allow me to translate: We are never going back to normal, Maybe next year we will let you do a few things to remind you of how life used to be, but this is life now. Get used to it.

People who actually pay attention to “the science” have been saying for a year that schools can reopen because children don’t seem to be affected by the virus and they also don’t seem to transmit it. Now that Trump is gone even democrats and experts are admitting that, but it doesn’t matter. The teachers union is a terrible organization that throws away billions of dollars on getting democrats elected who do nothing but allow the deterioration of the tax base that funds the schools leaving the teachers worse off than when they started, so they throw more money at democrats to stay in office and fix the problems they caused and this cycle continues until someone does something about it. They can go back to work, they need to go to back to work, the children they say they care about need to go back to school, the parents of those children need them to go back to school, everyone needs the schools to open except for the teachers who are still getting paid so they aren’t going back to work because they don’t want to and they don’t have to, no matter how much everyone else suffers because of it. Obviously.

I want the schools to reopen because that’s what Americans need even though I think most public schools are mental landfills that do nothing but waste time and money and when they do manage to actually educate anyone it’s usually with a bunch of bullshit no one should learn, ever. They are teaching gender theory nonsense to 5 year olds, the poisonous 1619 Project in place of actual history, and now they are teaching your children that Donald Trump incited an insurrection and that his supporters are dangerous. So while most public schools are indeed Marxist hellscapes indoctrinating your children and teaching them to hate you, at least the teachers can babysit your kids while you go make enough money to pay their salaries and maybe feed your own children, so teachers union, please, for the love of God, grow a spine, have a heart, and get back to working the couple months of year that you aren’t on vacation.

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