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  • TJ Shaver

Sweet cheatin' tweets the dems are tools & fools

It’s obvious to everyone, and always has been, that Eric Swalwell is a bona fide ass clown and is also a lying scumbag that sleeps with Chinese spies, gets caught, and soldiers on, too stupid to know how embarrassed he should be. If that wasn’t enough he has now been caught providing fake evidence in a fake impeachment trial where Donald Trump was really acquitted. The disgraced bozo changed the dates on tweets and added verification to users to make them look more influential than they were. In other words they did everything they could to cheat even though Trump was already out of office. After the founders graves spinning slowed to rotisserie speed I was able to get this quote from one of them,

“This is why we used to have duels.”

Duels indeed. The impeachment was a joke and a hoax and a scam and a sham and all the other words that describe stupid wastes of time perpetrated by stupid wastes of time. The democrats whined and cried and made emotional pleas based on their subjective feelings about the way they interpreted the media’s interpretation of Donald Trump’s words. It was pathetic, just like every person that voted to convict, and don’t say the word principles because not one person who voted to convict has one single principle and they just proved it beyond all doubt. Someone with the increasingly rare combination of a brain and a spine said this,

“Stop bowing down to a bunch of lying, cheating, pathetic cowards who have done nothing but sell out America, submit to China, and apologize for rape and pedophilia, openly, for at least the past 25 years.”

The democrat party is overflowing with pedophilic rapists and everyone knows it.

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