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Snopes fact checks itself; Immediately shuts down

Left-leaning fact-checking site found themselves in odd luke-warm water today. In an attempt to prove they aren’t biased they conducted a fact-check on themselves. What they found disapointed them very much. Their spokesman had this to say,

“It was bad. It was so bad. We fact-check satire sites. Satire. Do you understand how embarassing that is? We have become the idiots who can’t recognize humor. We all agreed to shut down immediately and permanently.”

The internet went wild with people wondering where to turn to for reliable information. A few even had the intellectual curiosity to wonder what else Snopes may have been wrong about, and what other sites could be misleading them as well. Most just shoved the thoughts down deep and made sure to immediately reaffirm their biases.

Conservatives LOL’ed while left-leaning individuals have been left to wonder what is true anymore. Most quickly moved on to a site that would better echo their own sentiments directly back at them. The echo chamber may have a breach but it is still intact.

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