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  • TJ Shaver

Shut up about covid, get up, go outside

I'm tired of pointing out how non-existent this whole fake flu was. If I wanted the vaccine I would have gotten it right away, but I didn't and I'm not going to because it's stupid and unnecessary and the more I hear I need to take it the less likely it is that I will ever take it. So shut up about it. No one cares. The people who do care are hiding indoors with masks on cowering in fear because they’d rather do that than live their life because life is scary. Life can be scary, especially if you hide inside and dwell on scary things and obsess on your worst instincts and your most self-indulgent feelings and fears. It’s making us worse human beings and worse as a whole to stay inside and to wear masks and to not see our families and to not work and to get money for nothing and to live in fear and to trust the government and to put our faith in institutions run by humans. Not to mention most of the humans running the show these days are Godless atheists whose ignorance is out-shined only by their grotesque arrogance. The Common China Cold was just another way of getting us to do what the world already wants us to do, which is to spend less and less time thinking about the things that matter because when people stop thinking about God and family, their lives fall apart and then the family falls apart and when that happens, society falls apart and then you elect a senile bozo to fix all the problems you are also accusing him of being a part of creating. Whether the problem is a fake cold from China or that you are struggling in your own life, the answer is never sitting inside and hiding in the dark. Shut up, get up, go outside and do something hard and don’t come back in until you’re a winner. You’re welcome.

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