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Sanity cancelled for hurting the narrative

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Nothing is surprising anymore, so in a totally expected turn of events today, the mental state known as sanity has been outlawed. Some people are referring to it as a ban on common sense, and it is indeed that, but it goes much deeper. If you believe anything to be true that has always been true, you are now a criminal because things that have always been true were true in the past, and the past is bad. I know it gets hard to follow, but stay with me, or you will be killed for your common sense line of questioning. A spokesman for sanity had this to say,

“Sanity is devastated. Won’t even leave his realm. Has he ever turned down an interview? He hasn’t right? Exactly, THE most reasonable of all the mental states. He got pushed too far and he gave up. When you teach lies over and over for generations, the truth gets so distorted that being sane is seen as extreme. In other words, Marxism has pushed sanity into hiding.”

We have never been accused of possessing an abundance of sanity but we have always been fond of the concept. We liked to at least be able to claim sanity when it was convenient for us, although in the courtroom it was always more beneficial to claim the opposite. We asked experts what this will mean for INsanity, since it can’t possibly exist without it’s opposing concept. They didn't understand the question. A spokesman for insanity had this to say,

“This is going to be really bad. You should hide.”

We always hide.

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