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  • TJ Shaver

Requiring a pulse to vote = Voter Suppression

Requiring an ID to vote isn’t racist. It just isn’t. If you think it is then I’m sorry, but it’s not. I’m just kidding, I’m not sorry at all, I’m mad. I’m mad because saying that asking for an ID is racist is an incredibly racist thing to say. Incredibly racist. So incredible that I am using the word correctly, I can’t believe what I’m hearing, these democrats have to be joking. Black people can get an Identification. Most of them have one already. You need them to do just about everything. So calling voter ID racist is racist because you are implying that black people can’t drive or leave the country or get a library card and a big list of other things I’m sure you’ve seen in the meme. I don’t need to keep making this point because this is the end of that argument. If you call voter ID racist I have nothing to say to you because your opinions about black people are so backward and offensive that I don’t want to associate with you.

According to democrats Trump stole the 2016 election. Barack Obama, according to democrats, let Russia steal an American election. Then Trump came in and made sure the next election was the most secure in American history. Thanks Donald Trump. And Hey, Obama. Be better. Now the democrats are making sure we never have a safe election again by calling anything that helps make the election more secure “voter suppression”. The most racist party in the history of the world, the party that says black people can’t identify themselves, is guaranteeing that you don’t have to have an ID to vote, you don’t have to be over 18(they’re going for 16, because that’s what we need, more power in the hands of the worst generation since Cain killed Abel), you don’t have to leave your house or fill out the form correctly or fill it out at all for that matter or be able to read to know what you are voting for and which candidate you are choosing(except they always seem to know to vote blue don't they?) and you don’t even have to take it to your mailbox and you don’t have to still live in the state and you don’t have to still be alive and you don’t have to even be real and the best part, the best part of all, you don’t even have to vote for a democrat and the democrats will get the vote anyway because of following science I mean Science and rePublican=BaD{Racis)) and America will devolve into the living nightmare that is New York City or Chicago or any other Democrat run city where gangs are in charge and outside of City Hall gangs also run the streets and you aren’t allowed to buy a gun or defend yourself but you can certainly get shot.

For the bitches in the back that never hear anything because they never shut up: If you call voter ID racist, you are a vile racist that should be shunned from polite society and I never condone violence but I’m going to say it, you should be kicked in the shin. Tighten up.

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