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  • TJ Shaver

Remember when leftists are still killing people?

Remember everything? All the bullshit? All the chaos and mayhem and madness and murder caused by pro lockdown leftists and endorsed by democrats who said it wasn’t ok to leave home unless you wanted to burn down a small business or kill a black person in the name of racial justice? Remember how it was all Trump’s fault even though it was happening in democrat run cities, especially far-left democrat cities, and how Trump was an authoritarian if he protected a Federal Courthouse that was under attack for 39 straight days? I remember that. I remember it and I also remember that it’s still happening. It’s like the great joke by Mitch Hedberg,

“I used to do drugs… I still do, but I used to to.”

Antifa used to riot and burn down cities and kill people… They still do, but they used to to. They are still rioting and people are still dying, mostly people of color, even though Antifa is made up almost entirely of wealthy white kids. Rich white kids are “fighting” for the oppressed by burning down their businesses and getting them killed before retreating to their parents homes in the suburbs.

Another autonomous zone was formed, just like the CHAZ in Seattle last year which was endorsed by the Mayor, Jenny Durkin, and many democrats including Kamala Harris. The CHAZ was an autonomous zone where 4 unarmed black men were killed, mostly by rich white kids, and nobody cared because it was deemed a “peaceful protest for racial justice” even though it wasn’t peaceful, it wasn’t a protest, and it was racist and unjust, and this new autonomous zone had the same encouragement and endorsement from democrats and the same result which was a dead black man. I couldn’t make this up if I tried, and I’ve tried, it’s pretty much all I do, and no matter what I do, I can’t out-crazy the media and the democrats and the sheep who listen to their nonstop insane narrative.

Those peaceful protests last year got at least 35 people killed and if we go by the standard of the capitol riot which is if anyone who was anywhere near the protest died anytime after the protest, they probably got thousands of people killed. The capitol riot lasted a couple hours, mainly because Nancy Pelosi refused to provide security for the capitol that day even though Donald Trump requested it. The democrat riots have been going on for years now and they have been deadly for the past year at least. It’s time for it to stop or at least for people to wake up to the insanity that is the democrat party. It's time to remember that left-wing domestic terrorism is getting people killed, it has been getting people killed, it always gets people killed, and oh yeah, it's still getting people killed.

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