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Reality Retires

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Sad news for existence today. After basically running the show since the beginning of time, Reality has finally thrown in the towel. It fought a long hard battle over the centuries. Unfortunately the recent explosion of marxist propaganda and insane leftism forced an early retirement. A very tired and sad Reality had this to say,

“There were always people who ignored or denied me. That’s fine. To be expected. There are phases when the masses deny I exist. This time is different. When you change the meaning of a word to win an argument, and the new definition wins the argument and becomes accepted as fact, I’ve become so diluted and irrelevant that I decided to no longer stay where I’m not wanted. Goodbye and good luck.”

Experts should be reeling but they are reveling in it. They now get to determine what is real, what is true, what is right for you. Scientists are now Gods, Doctors are now saints, and anyone with a Ph.D. is considered a higher form of life than the rest of us. Reality may not have been pleasant, but it always came through for us. The truth always won out. Those days are over and it’s hard to be hopeful. Close friend and similar concept Truth had this to say,

“This is a sad day. People don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t know what they’ve done. Now that reality is fallen, I’m next in line. I’ll hold the line as long as I can but even I know sometimes you just have to get out of a dangerous situation. Everything is going to get really bad for a while. Just keep telling Me. As long as you can, keep telling the Me.”

We will attempt to tell the truth unless it conflicts with the narrative, and let’s be real, it always does.

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