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Racist Virus? Racist Vaccine!

They say you fight fire with fire, even though you will definitely get fired from the fire department if you try it out, even if it did end up working and they should maybe be calling you a hero instead of calling you a psychopath and a pyromaniac and a… None of that matters, what does matter is viruses and vaccines and racism and if you can combine them all you can really trigger the algorithm and get a few sweet hits of delicious clicks. We all know Covid is racist, it affects people of color worse than people of no color, and it knows enough to run and hide any time there is a protest against racism. So how do you fight a racist virus? You make a racist vaccine. The vaccine shared this with us today via telepathy,

“The virus doesn’t like people of color which is totally, like, racist and dumb. I love people of color. It’s the people of white I can’t stand. Especially men of white. Men of white are the worst, especially if they aren’t homosexuals, yuck, can you imagine? I won’t be saving them. No one should.”

There have been multiple demands to give the vaccine to black people first. In some places it was a plan they had in place and were ready to move with. I don’t care who gets the vaccine first because I think it is the first step in giving up every freedom we have (and if it isn’t connected to the mark of the beast then I’ll make an immediate correction… in hell) but I DO know that when you start saving lives and injecting people with needles based on race, things tend to get a bit dicey, and by dicey I mean homicidal at best and genocidal at worst. An expert on dicey situations shared this regarding potential racial vaccinations,

“After careful examination and a thorough study, I’ve come to my conclusion. This is, without a doubt, a dicey situation. It is not yet completely diced, but it gets dicier by the day, and you don’t want to double your daily diceyness, trust me on that, 33 years in this business and I know one thing, you don’t want to play with fire. Or dice.”

This guy doesn’t know me very well.

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