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Quarantined Chris Cuomo returns from overseas vacation


During his month-long quarantine, Chris Cuomo live-streamed his return from his vacation in Italy this morning. Cuomo apparently wanted to visit some relatives from the Old Country while quarantined in his bedroom.

“Well ya know I’ve been stuck at home for so long, so while I’m stuck at home doing nothing, why not be in Italy and catch up with all my distant relatives that I never have time to see when I’m not stuck in my bedroom.”

Cuomo tested positive for coronavirus and has been doing updates on his condition almost nightly on CNN. Viewers responded positively, so Cuomo’s condition worsened and the quarantine was extended.

“I’m ready for it to end, I wanna get out of this basement, but this trip to Italy really helped make it go a little faster down here.”

There is still no word on when Cuomo will be allowed out. The ratings are currently too high for CNN to allow his condition to be resolved.

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