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Protests now available for delivery

If you thought the peaceful protests where people die would never be available to you, well then, you would be wrong. Peaceful protests are now doing more than preventing people from getting to work, destroying people’s businesses, and killing people. Now they are coming to the suburbs and yelling at everyone to wake up and trying to break into their homes. They are also going around to restaurants and terrorizing patrons and owners. There have even been mobile guillotines wheeled down the streets. Not sure what the message is there. A peaceful guillotine operator shared this with us on his lunch break,

“I’m just glad to be back to work. Guillotines haven’t been popular in a long time. The French Revolution kind of ruined that. Lucky for me these kids don’t know anything about history. Seriously, they don’t know anything. They think these ideas are all new. They’ll learn soon enough. Or they won’t.”

The man that chops off heads has a good point. We are experiencing the same madness as the French Revolution, the same rhetoric as the Russian Revolution, the same struggle sessions as seen in Mao’s revolution. These ideas have all come and gone before and all they ever result in is death, destruction and a painful rebuilding that could take decades or might not happen at all. The media has been complicit every step of the way and will probably be the first to go if the revolution succeeds. A rich white kid destroying minority communities in the name of anti-racism had this to say regarding his revolution,

“If you won’t agree with everything we say we will keep coming to your homes in the middle of the night and terrorizing you until you agree with us or at least pretend to. We have to terrorize people into agreeing with us, otherwise the fascists and authoritarians would take over, and we just can’t have that.”

Is it just me or does it sound like that kid IS the authoritarian fascist? Nah it’s probably just me.

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