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Protesters protesting protesters protested

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

In a dizzying chain of events that began with a protest and ended with a protest, right in the middle a protest broke out protesting both protests. The first protesters were protesting regarding police brutality. The second group of protesters was protesting regarding the violence that has sadly accompanied some of the protests that began peacefully but were exploited. The third group of protesters just hated protests, even though they were suspiciously good at it. One protester from a group I lost track of had this to say,

“I love protesting but I hate when other people protest. It’s kind of like violence. I like doing it but I don’t like when it’s done to me. It hurts.”

Eventually and unfortunately inevitably, a fourth group of protesters arrived to protest the third group of protesters, the anti-protest protesters. Things got pretty abstract at that point and I found it pretty hard to follow but here’s a quote from a member of the 4th group,

“If you are protesting a protest I will always be there to protest that. To ignore it would be irresponsible. So we will stay here until they go home. I just hope the group of protesters on their way to protest us will go home when we do.”

We will stay on the story until the chain comes to an end, if it does.

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