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  • TJ Shaver

Protest fans gear up for riot season

There’s a trial going on in Minnesota, and fans of the destruction of America are preparing for the destruction of America. The trial is not going to go the way the fans want it to go which is exactly the way they want it to go. They want to riot. They’d riot anyway. They were rioting anyway. They riot in spite of facts. They riot in spite of the truth. They riot because they want to riot, because they like to riot. This is their activism story. Stories for the hypothetical grandchildren they will never have because they are too busy destroying cities to start families and the families who do live in the cities have to flee the cities to escape the peaceful protesting demanding justice for the fleeing families even though they thought they had a pretty decent life already, that is until the rioting started. Don’t think the riots are about racial justice, racial justice isn’t a thing, justice is a thing. It doesn’t need a modifier. I don’t care if that gets pointed out all the time, that’s the truth. If you don’t think so then you’re wrong from the premise and can’t go anywhere from there. People who want everyone to be treated equally don’t go around hurting people. Unless they want everybody to be hurt, correct? There is no way to paint this as a positive thing and the media has been doing it every day for a year. The worst part is how many people believe it. People will think this article is saying that George Floyd deserved to die for using a counterfeit 20. If you think that then you are so intellectually lazy it hurts my soul that you exist. You can’t think that. If you do, how were you able to read this article? No one deserved to die. Follow that same logic and a man doesn’t deserve to be punished for murdering a man he didn’t murder. He died of fentanyl. You know how dangerous it is. Except for this one instance, everyone knows how dangerous it is. Doesn’t matter. Riot season is here. Gear up baby. Go team.

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