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Poor Pelosi duped into special treatment

A sad story out of San Francisco where mean salon owners set a trap for the amazing Nancy Pelosi. Queen Nancy just wanted a haircut like she deserves because she is special and better than all of us. Sure salons aren’t allowed to operate because Nancy won’t listen to science and demands lock downs continue forever and everyone remains masked until they are cremated, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get to keep doing whatever she wants. Pelosi slobbered this at me from her ivory tower,

“Just because everyone has to wear a mask, doesn’t mean I have to. I’m important, and If I want to break five laws in order to get special treatment I’ll do it. I may even sue the salon because making them shut down for six months for no reason hasn’t put them out of business, so I’ll just do it in court.”

Pelosi is completely unapologetic and may or may not be suing the salon for operating. She is actually demanding they apologize to her for giving her the haircut that she asked for. Nancy Pelosi broke her own rules in about 5 different ways in order to get special treatment, got the special treatment, and when it was acknowledged, she blamed the salon owners and is now demanding an apology from the salon. This woman is the devil. The devil had this to say,

“Hey, don’t say that. I’m so insulted every time you compare me to her. I would never do that. I’m not that stupid. Give me some credit. When I do terrible things I make it look good. Appealing. She’s an unappealing train wreck. Please don’t associate her with my name.”

We’re going to keep doing it anyway.

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