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Pitcher throws complete game while taking a knee

The 2020 baseball season got off to a spectacular if at times confusing start this past week. The New York Yankees played the Washington Nationals, even though I suggested they change their name to the Washington Globalists, but that isn’t the point. The point is that to raise awareness for people with shin splints, the Nationals pitcher decided to pitch the entire game while taking a knee. The kneeling pitcher had this to say,

“It seemed like the right thing to do. People with shin splints can hardly stand on their feet at all let alone for a whole baseball game. I thought it’d be a powerful reminder that if your shins are your friends, then you’re a very lucky person.”

The pitcher did not pitch well. He gave up 13 hits and 3 home runs to the Yankees in the first inning. The coaching staff wanted to pull him but they thought he was kneeling to protest against police brutality, not “against” shin splints. The bad communication cost them the game. They lost to the Yankees 97-4. It could have been much worse but near the end, like after the 3rd inning, the Yankees started trying to take it easy on the poor guy. The Nationals coach told us this via the dugout phone during the 7th inning stretch,

“He’s a good guy, he’s got a good heart. But he’s an idiot. He cost us the game but that’s ok. He’ll do well wherever he pitches next season.”

No awareness for shin splints was raised during the game or during the writing of this article.

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