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  • TJ Shaver

Pelosi's teeth fall out as she continues to lie through them

In an exclusive interview with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, we were able to witness an impressive feat. Halfway through the interview the Speaker’s teeth flew right out of her head and fell on the floor between us. What happened next was truly shocking. She continued to lie right through them,

“The travel ban wasn’t enough. Yes, sure I tried to prevent the President from ever being able to institute a travel ban again, sure I was against it, but it wasn’t enough and it didn’t go far enough and I would have done more, sooner, even though I tried to stop him from doing less, later.”

Knowing what she was saying didn’t make any sense, I quickly came up with a plausible excuse. It’s the teeth. She doesn’t lie. It’s the teeth. Donald Trump is at it again. He snuck into her room and switched out her dentures for dentures that make you lie. We will stay on this story until we can get a good look in the Speaker’s mouth.

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