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Pelosi forgets people need to eat and stuff

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

It is obvious to everyone that Nancy Pelosi is better than everyone. She is an elite among elites. When you live the way she lives, as someone with over 100 million dollars in the bank, it’s easy to forget that regular Americans are still struggling to eat and pay rent because cities run by democrats have forced businesses to shut down. Most of them will remain shut down forever. People are desperate and Pelosi won’t help because it might make Donald Trump look good. Pelosi sent this message through her housekeeper’s assistant,

“Donald Trump just wants to give people money because it might help him get re-elected. I can’t let him look good. I can’t give him a win. People are fine right? What’s that thing they have to pay? Rent, they pay rent, and um… They have to eat. It’s a good thing I feed them though. I feed them all.”

Pelosi was on a television show hosted by a wolf the other night and had a meltdown when asked one question that pushed back slightly on her narrative. It got her so riled up she actually got in an argument. With a wolf. It was nuts. Even democrats have started to criticize Nancy for forgetting that not everyone lives in a mansion in a gated community and have every need taken care of by someone else. Daughter of Nancy Pelosi and moron, umm... Christine or... something Pelosi, attacked her attackers by calling them sexist for calling her mom by her first name, which is Nancy or something. The spawn of Nancy tweeted this,

“It’s like, so unfair to call my mom by her name. How rude. So, people don’t need to eat or whatever, my mommy is busy dealing with sexist attacks. Leave us alone! We feed you animals!”

Ahhhh the elites. They are just like us except not at all and better in every way.

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