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Peaceful nukes and other stupid $#!+

While Joe Biden is already literally cracking, other things are happening in the world. Over in Iran an adult male was just assassinated, and that’s pretty awesome because he was the guy building their nukes. It’s a great thing that this guy is dead. You don’t want Iran to have nuclear weapons. I promise you, you don’t. Iran is the biggest sponsor of state-run terrorism in the world which makes them the biggest sponsors of state-run terror in the history of the world. Everything happening these days seems to be historic. Lucky for America, we have a media run by vampiric soulless pedos who reassure us that Iran is not building nukes to eradicate their “Jew Problem” over in Israel, they are building "nukes of peace." Someone who thinks Obama didn't start two new wars shared this embarrassing opinion,

“We need to be nice to Iran, like Obama was. He was so nice to them that he sent them all the money(in cash) that should have gone to all the things he claimed he was doing and all the things we credit him for doing. If we’re just nice enough to murderers and terrorists who own women and kill gays, maybe they’ll stop doing some of those things. Haha jk, I don’t know why we are supposed to be nice to them but that was the Obama line so let’s just do it that way.”

The people claiming that it’s bad to prevent terrorists from making Jews a thing of the past, also claim that Trump started WW3 when he killed the head of ISIS, and that it was a terrible thing to kill the biggest terrorist in the world. The clowns in the media and the democrat party and the intelligence community, which is really one big clown show under the same demented tent, always claim it’s a bad thing when our enemies are hurt. Seems suspicious, but they also claim gender doesn’t exist and we need women in power even though gender doesn’t exist and they claim Donald Trump has been a Russian asset for 40+ years and they claim that the most peaceful President in 40 years is a warmonger and they claim that he killed 200,000+ people by not being gung-ho enough rhetoric-wise about wearing masks and allowing government overreach to ruin your life and they claim that protests are safe and church is not and they claim that protests are peaceful even when they are riots and they claim that riots are protests and they claim that political riots leading to murder is a good thing and they claim that it isn't even political when it happens and they claim that Islam is a religion of peace and Christians are filled with hate and they claim that speech is violence and they claim that silence is violence and they claim that burning buildings and killing people isn’t violence and they claim as much stupid $#!+ as they want because they get away with it. Well I’ve had enough of their $#!+ because they always lie, even when they tell the truth. The Truth had this to say regarding the media,

“I’ve never met those people.”

Preach Truth. Preach.

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