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Opinions are like masks, shut up about them

If you are already offended just go away. You missed the point already. You’ve probably been missing the point of just about everything your entire life, and that is fine with me. Just go do it somewhere else. Same with your opinion. The great thing about America is that we used to be allowed to have opinions. Wasn’t 2015 great? Even when we were allowed to have opinions though, no one cared what your opinion actually was. I will fight to the death for your right to have an opinion, and turn around and fight you to the death about not wanting to hear it. So here’s my opinion on masks. I don’t care what you do, I don’t care if you care deeply about wearing masks or deeply about not wearing masks, do it or don’t and kindly shut the f#$@ up. An expert on masks, opinions, and opinions on masks shared this via a social media post,

“People are really choosing this as the hill to die on. So many people have died on this hill that its created a gridlock, kind of a bottleneck, and now people are trying to die on the hill and they can’t. Mainly because no one cares. We are tired of hearing it. We are tired of the mask talk, we are tired of opinions, we are absolutely tired of opinions on masks. Find a new hot take on something and beat that dead horse for a few months. Please.”

I’m sure you’ve tried to interpret whether I am pro or anti mask. Didn’t I already tell you to go away? Well, go away. The point isn’t about whether or not masks are good, the point is I am annoyed and I want you to shut up. Not because I want to silence you or control your speech, just because I’m sick of hearing it. The thing I really hate is people choosing to die on a hill and not even using their best arguments to do it. If you are going to choose that hill, come prepared. Know your best points and know the best points of the person who is inevitably going to try to shame you on social media. When you know both sides of an argument you can either win the argument or see that it is futile. You can see both sides and see how it isn’t worth fighting about. Or you can just shut up for the sake of sanity. I don’t want to get too abstract so I’ll stick to my main point: Shut Up. An expert on keeping your mouth shut drew us a picture that we interpreted to mean this,

“If you stay silent people might think you are smart. Who are we kidding though? Everyone knows your’e an idiot. You’ve been posting on facebook for a decade, we’ve watched you progress from mildly annoying young person to self righteous man in his 30’s who thinks people care about his ‘witty’ hot takes on every issue. Please shut up. Forever.”

This has been a public service announcement. Shut up.

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