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"Ol' Lady Killer" Killer strikes again

Andrew Cuomo, that Ol’ Lady Killer, has been on a killing spree in the large apple. He likes to hover in that gray area between manslaughter and negligible homicide, or ‘the sweet spot’, as it’s known to politicians and sociopaths. Suddenly the media has noticed that he is a lying scumbag that doesn’t follow the science at all, he just says the word science a lot and exaggerates his accent and tries to talk like a tough guy so people stop asking him unfair questions like “Why do you keep killing old ladies?” or “Why are you still killing all the old ladies?” or even worse “Will you please stop killing old ladies?”. Lol. The Ol’ Lady Killer himself had this to say in his defense,

“Listen, I didn’t kill anybody, and If I did, so what? What are you gonna do? You were giving me awards while I was doing it, you were applauding me and giving me book deals and Emmy awards. So if I’m guilty of killing all those old people, you’re guilty of rewarding that.”

He is guilty of that, and they are guilty of that. Cuomo, a man who kills old ladies, and also hates Jews, and probably really hates old Jewish ladies, is an idiot. Suddenly the media has noticed it though. The New York Times, an alleged former newspaper and current punchline, has even started to criticize him. I even heard NPR, a taxpayer funded communist propaganda trash heap that is actively making its listeners measurably dumber every time they run a segment, even managed to tiptoe around maybe hinting at the idea that a democrat could do something slightly less than perfect, but hey, don’t forget, but Trump. One of the cardboard-voiced charisma-free dullards that embody NPR shared this in her signature charmless monotone today,

“The vaccine is here, but is it racist? The answer is of course it is, because everything is, and if it isn't, we’ll keep talking about it until it is. Also, Governor Cuomo, said he doesn’t trust the experts, which is heretical, but he’s a democrat, so we give him a chance to redeem his soul, please, keep sending us your money, the subsidies are never enough, I lead a certain lifestyle, you wouldn’t understand. You’re welcome.”

Andrew Cuomo kills old ladies. He also hates Jews.

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