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  • TJ Shaver

Obama shuts Obamagate; forgets the latch

Barack Obama has never done anything wrong. We all know this. For some reason conservatives keep trying to say he did some bad things in his last weeks in office so we did some digging. It turns out he did close the Obamagate, but sometimes when you slam a gate too hard it doesn’t catch. Obama had this to say,

“Look. If I was gonna do something bad, I’d cover my tracks. That’s the way we always did it. We hid everything. You don’t know about any of the terrible things I did in office. I’m good at what I do. So if there’s evidence I did something wrong, that is obvious proof of my innocence.”

Sounds good to us. We really didn’t want to think he did anything wrong because we aren’t allowed to think that. Even though there is evidence that his administration illegally spied on the Trump campaign, illegally targeted Michael Flynn leading to his wrongful prosecution and imprisonment, and disrupted the peaceful transference of power that has made this grand experiment possible, we knew he couldn’t have done it. The entire mainstream media had this to say,

“Nothing to see here.”

And just like that, journalism died.

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