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  • TJ Shaver

NPR is for people who can't think

I’d like to sit next to someone who thinks NPR is a legitimate news source and have them explain to me how any of the childish gibberish coming through the speakers is in anyway legitimate. It’s lazy, ignorant, and now it’s outright activism, and the way they activate is to just lie about whatever propaganda they’ve been told to disseminate that day. They spent a whole 3 part series talking about testicles only to come to the conclusion that biology doesn’t exist. They apologized for reading the declaration of independence, they lied about George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, Ahmed Arbury, and now they are claiming Trump supporters killed an officer who died from entirely different causes, and they do it every day, on purpose, because they believe it’s ok to lie if it’s for a good cause. We fund this nonsense. Democrats defend it, because they are uninformed buffoons who listen to NPR, but can you imagine if we had anything even slightly right wing funded by taxpayers? I can hear their high-pitched bitch whines already and it’s never even come close to happening, but the thought of hearing the truth scares them so much their souls start whinging anytime they sense a true thought floating anywhere in the vicinity of their empty craniums. Everything they talk about on NPR is either misframed, an outright lie, or just a waste of time, which is just as bad as the rest of it. Focusing on the wrong things on purpose is just as devious as lying and they spent four years trying to make us focus on everything other than what was actually happening. Besides all of that, the lies, the propaganda, how evil they are, they are also talentless, humorless hacks with no original thoughts in their head and without an ounce of charisma anywhere in sight. They suck at their jobs. They are doing a bad job badly. They have no redeemable qualities. I listen to them every day. Hours a day. It makes me laugh and it reminds me that the enemy is mentally inferior. They are idiots and so is anyone who takes them seriously. If you take them seriously, I’m talking to you. If you disagree, let’s get together sometime and listen to NPR. You won't thank me, but at least you'll no longer have an excuse for your staggering ignorance.

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