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Not hitting 'Like' = 1,000 votes for Biden

This article is proudly brought to you by DOMINION voting systems.

There is no such thing as voter fraud, but if you voted for Trump, it may have been switched to a Biden vote. However, that isn’t cheating, because the computer had merely determined that a vote for Trump would ruin America, so it was saving America. On behalf of those rogue voting rascals, “Your’e welcome”. A similar thing happened when everyone denied the deep state existed, and then one day the New York Times, a former lifeguard’s favorite newspaper, admitted that yeah, it exists, but that’s ok! It’s a good thing, they are here to save us from Trump. They admitted that unelected bureaucrats have more power in our government than the elected President, and also said we should thank them for it. A deep state operative shared this after what he claimed was a mere 60 seconds of waterboarding me,

“Shut up, you’re fine, you’re still breathing. Yeah the deep state exists, that’s the only way we get anything done, and the only thing standing between the establishment and the people. Without the deep state the people might get what they want, they could even put America first, and God knows we can’t have that.”

This part of the article has not been approved by the clowns at DOMINION voting systems.

If America First is a bad thing, what’s the alternative? I hope it isn’t America last. America Second? Is that still too arrogant? America 5th maybe, I think we deserve top 5. America 10th might be a better compromise since we are apparently a racist hellhole founded on white supremacy and fueled by sexism and hating the gays. That is untrue but it doesn’t matter, it’s been decided by the dipsticks in charge that ‘America Bad’ and ‘America Not First’ and ‘Shut Up About America, China is Listening’ are better than the possibility of taking care of our own citizens. Speaking of China, China loves Biden, and Biden loves China, and they were reportedly spotted in a tree and they were kissing, which I’m assuming you can read and I don’t have to spell it out with dashes because that joke doesn’t make sense in writing really, it just makes me have to type an extra six or so dashes. Biden said this regarding his deep ties to the Chinese,

“I’ve got hairy legs. I want some Chinese children to rub them, cuz now that I’ve won I can stop pretending to like the Blacks. Amen.”

This young fella is something else.

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