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No one: Biden:Internet is whites only.

Segregation enthusiast Joe Biden, a man who once personally removed Kamala Harris from a school bus when she was 5 years old because he said he didn’t want his kids living in a jungle, has shockingly let another racist comment slither out of his face. In a recent town hall where Biden’s performance made a strong case for senior citizens not being allowed to retain their driver's license without a bi-weekly driving exam administered by a highly trained professional, he seemed a little bit old for some reason. He especially seemed old when he decided that black people and brown people are too dumb to use the internet. The former segregation activist/lifeguard had this to say about all the psychotic racist ramblings he falls into every half hour or so,

“Listen Jack, Black Jack, hey man, uh, Jack Black is a white fella. So I knew him. It’d be ok if he was black, it would, but listen I’m not being facetious, look at the data. Young people aren’t like us, they’re ok with interracial relationships, I know it sounds like I’m joking but I’m not. But when you look, if you, listen, I’ll be clear… Black people and and and Mexi-hispanic peop of color don’t know how to get online, they don’t know to internet. Unacceptable if Donald Trump, no more. Let’s teach them.”

Implying that black people don’t know how to use the internet is the most racist thing I’ve ever heard a president say. As far as racist gaffes go this guy is a human highlight reel, a veritable fountain of offensive quips dating as far back as the early 70’s and continuing straight through until the present day, uninterrupted, unrepentant, unhinged. There isn’t a race he hasn’t insulted directly or hurt indirectly through his 50 years of failed policy. This guy is the unrelenting, unapologetic, undisputed champion of racism and his throne will not be threatened as long as anyone lives. Here’s a greatest hits montage assembled for fans of democrat Joe Biden,

“Poor kids are just as smart as white kids. I love kids jumping on my lap. I have hairy legs. Children rub them. Black people can’t use the internet. Kamala can’t ride the bus. You can’t go to 7/11 and not see an Indian. The kind with the terrible accent. I don’t want my kids growing up in a racial jungle with super predators which is what I call black people. Segregationists are great people, I love them, I work with them, I respect them, I honor them at their funerals, I give their eulogies, I won’t disrespect them or disavow them or dishonor their legacy in any way. Barack is the first clean black person who is intelligent. You’re welcome.”

Thanks Joe.

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