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  • TJ Shaver

New variants are scary or something... Ohh noo...

So the guy that people say is the President but I say is deceased has been told to warn us that new variants of the covid thing or whatever are like, really bad, and cases are spiking again and something else. He was told to tell us that if we behave ourselves maybe we could leave quarantine by July 4th or something, but nobody really knows what he’s talking about because people have been living their lives since about, approximately, the entire time this has been going on. We’re done. Even the muggles are done, the normal people that don’t know anything and just watch CNN and get this, BELIEVE it. Yeah, even those idiots are realizing the lock downs are a bit foolish and so is wearing two masks and so is not seeing your family again, ever, even after you’ve been vaccinated and your business has been choked to death and your dreams are all dead and massacred and you’re an empty shell of a human wearing two masks and refusing to see the only people who love you because you love them so much you can never see them again or you’ll kill them. Right? Isn’t that how it goes? I don’t remember anymore, I’m forgetting the narrative because this is all so stupid. Stupid and childish and transparent. We see you, Idiots. It’s like playing hide and seek with a three year old and they hide in plain sight and just cover their eyes. That’s what Joe Biden is doing and we pretended he was real good at hiding for a little bit because he’s old and decrepit and has the mind of a three year old playing hide and seek but the game’s over, we have to go to work, as much as we love our children and want to play hide and seek all day we have to go to work to pay for the roof that provides all the hiding places that make a game of hide and seek possible for a toddler, or say in the craziest of circumstances, Joe Biden.

‘Hey, Joe… Joe… we know you’re having fun and all… but we need to go to work… we can see you Joe… ok keep hiding, but we’re gonna go now ok? Be good, be safe buddy, watch out for sharp corners, listen to the babysitter, her name is Jill and she’s an expert in babysitting, she was after all, Hunter Biden’s babysitter at the time of his mother’s untimely death.’

That took a weird turn at the end there but I think I made my point. If you want to keep pretending, have fun, but the adults have to go to work so please, try not to hurt yourself, and be nice to the babysitter, she could be your mom someday.

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