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New Press Secretary holds up mirror: Media turns to stone

New White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany stunned the media today when she began asking them questions. The reporters were not prepared to have their own words thrown back at them. We kept trying to corner her but she eventually held up a mirror and the reporters got a glimpse of themselves. What followed was not pretty. I barely escaped. I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I couldn’t really see the mirror. My other colleagues were not so fortunate. Jim Acosta, who is now made of stone, had this to say,

“Hey man, can you get me out of here? Do you have a hammer or something? My hair is definitely ruined, that I’m sure of. I’ll never forgive anyone for this. Hey! Hey! Where are you going? I’m Jim Acosta dammit! Don’t you walk away from…”

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time or attention span to finish the interview with Acosta. I assume at some point someone will come help these people. Not me though. Seems icky. McEnany had this to say,

“Well I didn’t see that coming. I just wanted to show them their own words.”

Even though she’s a woman we don’t believe her because she has the wrong opinions. #BelieveAllWomen who blindly agree with everything we say.

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