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NEW:Go Bag 4 the Gulag. BUY NOW!

Just because we’ve seen this coming for years doesn’t mean anyone has actually done anything to prepare for our impending doom. I mean re-education. I tried to study but the source material for leftism is horrifically inaccurate drivel spun from the minds of the most perverted losers to ever grace the earth. Not to worry though, The Right Hook has got you covered. For money. We’ll help you for money. Anyway, presenting The Right Hook ‘Go Bag’ for the Gulag, so when they come for you, you’ll be ready. Creator of the Go Bag, me, says this,

“It can fit everything you need in here, a slice of bread so you won’t have to wait in the bread line, a copy of The Art of the Deal to burn in effigy if anyone suspects you don’t hate Trump enough... or you can use the book and plant it on someone to take the attention off of yourself when they start suspecting you have a warm spot for the free market and God forbid maybe even free speech. Plant it on someone you dislike, or someone who stole from you... or innocent people... or even your best friends or family… anyone who isn’t you really. Welcome to communism baby, where it’s every man for himself because the government decided to take care of everyone and of course they failed because governments are always inefficient incompetent bureaucracies that become inevitably corrupt over time because they are run by human beings who are generally inefficient incompetent corrupt power hungry jerks, and are ALWAYS broken, sinful creatures who above all else, need Jesus in their lives and the government out of it. Praise God and order now before we sell out!”

I think the bag also comes with a lanyard that should have our logo but actually has the name and logo of the gym down the street from me that hands out lanyards far too often for that advertising tactic to make any sense. The point is, there is nothing you can take with you that will really help. Mainstream politicians and the beloved media lack-of-personalities we used to listen to are actually calling for anyone who supported Trump to be re-educated. They’ve talked about reconciliation committees and truth panels and media literacy programs and actual re-education centers, so all of us poor, dumb hicks who happen to see through their bullshit can be put in a cage so their utopia can finally flower. Well, this poor dumb hick has this to say to anyone trying to re-educate me,

"I don't want to die on this hill. But I will."

Your move.

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