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  • TJ Shaver

Nashville Dems wish more people would die

Crazy conspiracy theorists have been saying for months that the covid hysteria is overblown, mainly because if you actually follow the science, it is. Other countries aren’t masking and locking down the way we are and it hasn’t been politicized anywhere in the world like it has in the United States. When it started they said Trump was fear mongering when he mentioned it in the State of the Union address. They said his travel ban from China was hysterical xenophobia. Pelosi and De Blasio were telling people to ignore Trump and keep coming out and partying well into April or May or one of those months that are way past when they claim to have started taking it seriously.

Now we are finding out that there is over a 99% survival rate, children don’t seem to get it or spread it, 96% of the deaths were people with serious comorbidities, the CDC website currently says wearing a mask is unnecessary, the average age of death is over 80 while life expectancy in the United States is 78, and democrat cities remain locked down even though they are currently not having any deaths for days at a time. The lock downs haven’t been proven to work and are more than likely making it worse, only certain masks work and they aren’t the ones that people are wearing, and now it is coming out that elected democrats have been hiding information from the public because things were going too well.

The Mayor of Nashville, who is a democrat, found out that bars and restaurants weren’t causing the virus to spread, at all, so they hid that from the public. They wanted more people to die so they could justify shutting down all the businesses. We are also finding out that over 60% of businesses that were closed because of democrat mandated lock downs will never be re-opening. That is no small thing. We will be dealing with the repercussions of the lock downs for years to come. Not the repercussions of the pandemic, the repercussions of democrat reaction to the pandemic.

We keep being told we have to listen “to the science”. So I did. What I realized is that nothing the media or democrat politicians are saying matches the science in any way, and it hasn’t since the beginning of the pandemic. Biden’s plan for the pandemic is the same as what Trump has done, he would just talk about it differently. He says he would mandate masks and then admits the federal government can’t do that and it would be up to the local governments. Which is what Trump did.

Trump handled this as well as anyone could have, and I think he did it much better. This is the first time I know of that a major crisis happened and the federal government did not expand its power. He maintained federalism during the worst crisis this country has ever seen. If he was the authoritarian they claim he is, waiting for the chance to seize power the way they’ve always said he is, he would have done it. Everything they have said about him is a lie and this crisis has proven that beyond all doubt. If he was the dictator they want him to be, they wouldn’t be able to call him that, they’d be in jail for calling him that.

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