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Nashville bomber died of Covid-19

The bombing in Nashville that is the most confusing case I’ve ever seen was solved faster and easier than any case in the history of criminals or justice. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, it didn’t. It did get better though, because now we can tie in the other big story that we use to scare you with every day. It turns out that the blast did blow the bomber into approximately 3 billion bits, but the autopsy shows that a shocking number of the bits were suffering from Covid-19, a virus made by China that broke out of a lab and started some problems and whatnot. The person in a lab coat who performed the autopsy shouted this message at my ear,

“He died of the virus. He was blown to bits, many many many bits, but we have confirmed that enough of the bits have Covid that it is certain that it took him out long before the blast did. We all know Covid is far more dangerous than sitting directly on top of a bomb that can destroy several city blocks. I would know, I’m an expert.”

The shocking turn of events has led many people to question the death toll of the virus. It has been reported throughout the alleged pandemic that hospitals get more money if they mark deaths as Covid deaths, and they are exploiting that by claiming that anyone who had it died from it even though they have marked the following as Covid deaths:

  1. Suicide

  2. Car wreck

  3. Gunshot victim

  4. Heart attacks

  5. Cancer

There are far more but you get the point and if you don’t then you don’t want to. Where’d the flu go by the way? No flu this year… It’s been around for a long time and now it just isn’t, and thank God because the flu kills children, a lot, and Covid doesn’t, so we should be rejoicing that the average age of anyone who unfortunately died of Covid has been 3 years past the life expectancy and they also had something that was already killing them and they were going to die soon anyway. It might sound harsh to say that it’s better for an 82 year old with cancer to die than a healthy 5 year old, but that’s only because we're living in a hellscape of incompetence and ignorance. Someone with just the mildest hint of curiosity would have this to say about the story,

“Well… I think even if he did have the virus… The bomb probably killed the guy right? I wonder how many other deaths were from something else...”

I’m going to guess the numbers will rise until the greedy psychopaths running this clown show have the amount of power they need in order to keep us locked down and compliant and dependent on the government to survive and we have accepted that the safety of the collective far outweighs the importance of the rights of the individual.

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