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  • TJ Shaver

Mostly unarmed man murdered by cops

In another senseless killing, a man was shot down by cops with guns. The man was mostly unarmed, he only had a gun in one hand. His other hand was completely empty. He was trying to tell the cops to leave him alone by firing a bullet past their heads when the cops shot him for no reason. The cops have been fired, charges will be pressed, and thousands of peaceful protesters have already burned half the city down. A member of the mob had this to say,

“Just because someone is shooting at a cop doesn’t give that cop the right to shoot him. Was the cop even injured? No. I mean if the bullet hit him in the head and killed him then, sure, maybe he could have shot him in the leg or something. This was totally unjustified, the cop doesn’t have a scratch on him.”

The mostly unarmed victim was supposed to be in prison but he had escaped and was trying to peacefully protest his own incarceration. He was in jail for murder but his criminal record has nothing to do with this. He still didn’t deserve to die. Far right jerks are claiming the cop had every right to defend his life but that is what makes them far right jerks. A radical leftist who will be prosecuting the cop had this to say,

“The law doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all activism now, everything is activism and we are out in the open. We’ll try to get the death penalty for the cop. We want him to die for defending his life.”

The quiet parts are all said out loud now.

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