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  • TJ Shaver

Mostly peaceful protests kill a mere 30

The mostly peaceful protests that have been taking place nationwide for almost 3 months have been, for the most part, mostly peaceful. The unfortunate part is that criminals, psychopaths, and organized political groups have taken advantage of those peaceful protests and used them as cover to commit crimes with the full endorsement of almost every media outlet in the country. The mainstream media has said this for the past 3 months,

“A mostly peaceful protest intensified last night to the point where fires were lit and property was destroyed, which is fine, it’s totally fine, I like it honestly, but crazy right wingers will tell you it’s bad to burn down federal property and to barricade buildings with people in it and set it on fire. Anyway, so then for no reason the big bad mean police used military tactics like defending themselves from projectiles and arresting people who hit them in the face with bricks. It was so fascist of them. How dare they protect their own lives and the citizens of that city. It was just a peaceful protest. Mostly.”

Democrat politicians all across the country have encouraged this activity to continue in an attempt to appease the mob and keep their power. Ted Wheeler and Lori Lightfoot have both blamed Donald Trump for what is happening in their own cities even though he is the only one trying to enforce the law. This stopped being about justice a long time ago and has devolved into chaos and lawlessness. So far 30 people have died nationwide as a direct result of the riots following the peaceful protests. The media has barely mentioned any of them. A spokesman for willful ignorance and blatant dishonesty told us this on behalf of CNN and MSNBC,

“They know what’s happening. They just want what will result from the utter chaos, which is getting rid of Trump and getting one step closer to socialism, which is what all of it is always about. Duh.”

We knew that.

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