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"Mostly peaceful" fixes the past, present and future

Bad things happen in this life, that’s just the way it goes. Humans are broken, sinful creatures that always seem to make the worst possible decisions. Things are changing however. The mainstream media has taught me that if you just say something is mostly peaceful, it becomes acceptable and it basically erases all bad things. Businesses burning down, people being injured, people being killed. All of these things are fine as long as we stress that it was mostly peaceful except for the horrible deaths. With this in mind, let’s do some retroactive fixing of some of the world's worst problems.

Let’s start small. Domestic abuse. Big problem. Until now. If someone only hits their spouse once a day, then probably over 99% of the day was peaceful. Except for the moment of contact it wasn’t violent, for the most part. So labeling it “mostly peaceful domestic abuse” kind of makes it so it isn’t such a bad problem anymore. When you make the victim realize that over 99.99% of their day was peaceful, you prove to them with science that they are perfectly fine. Science.

The dropping of the atomic bomb was pretty brutal. Pretty final. However, leading up to the bomb, everything was peaceful, mostly. It was a calm, quiet day. After it dropped things were still pretty quiet. Except for that incredibly potent explosion right there in the middle it was a mostly peaceful way to end a world war. Let’s call it the mostly peaceful dropping of the atomic bomb from now on so that people don’t get the wrong idea about what really happened that day.

The terrorist attack on September 11 was pretty bad in every conceivable way. One of the worst things to ever happen on American soil. Before the terrorists hijacked the planes things were pretty calm though. Things got heated inside the planes but that’s understandable, the terrorists were mad at us. Outside of the planes things were calm all over the place. After they hit the towers things got pretty bad at that specific location, and people panicked everywhere but we now know that was just Islamophobia. Except for the couple of hours where they were actually killing thousands of people, it was a mostly peaceful day when you take into account the entire world and not just the site of the attacks. There we go, 9/11 is fixed.

We don’t have to fix the 32 deaths that have occurred in the mostly peaceful protests in the last 3 months. The media has been fixing them as we go, Ministry of Truth style, and much like in 1984 they are just changing everything that happens every day to uphold the narrative. It’s very effective. People are believing it, they have no idea what is actually happening in the streets, they believe it is a mostly peaceful protest demanding racial equality and if it gets violent the police are to blame. They don’t realize revolutionary communists, criminals, and psychotic drug addicts are taking advantage of the apologists in the media and they have no agenda other than to destroy. They have no idea it has been escalating for 3 months now with no sign of slowing down. They are moving to the suburbs and demanding people give up their homes, they are wheeling guillotines down the street and it won’t be long before they really want to start using them. Lucky for us, we don’t have to know any of this though, because the media tells us it is mostly peaceful so we keep supporting it.

The apocalypse may be in full swing but it has been mostly peaceful, and as long as we keep saying that, it will remain that way. Until we find ourselves in the guillotine that is, but if you look at the science, it happens very quickly and then it’s over, so… What have we learned? Right, even in the worst case scenario, it’s still just a mostly peaceful beheading. Good luck.

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